François de Laval

A bishop, a visionary, a bold man, a founder… and a Saint!

Prayer of Thanksgiving to Saint François de Laval

To celebrate the canonization of François de Laval we published this Thanksgiving prayer.

Call upon Saint François de Laval to intercede for you.


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François de Laval

Here I am with you, François,

In this very land where you so often prayed

The Holy Family and Mary Immaculate.

May I find in you the courage I lack;

You who came by the vast ocean

To found the Church in American soil.

Teach me to leave my comfort

And my certainties behind,

As you did, notwithstanding your ill

And battered body, to meet every settler,

To spread the Word in this unknown land.

You were a man of sharing: you attended the sick,

Clothed the poor, fought for the dignity of the First Nations,

Supported the weary missionaries; you were always ready to lend

A hand to those in a worse situation than you.

How many times were your projects reduced to naught?

Every time, you rose again.

You understood that God’s work is not made of stone

And that in this land of discouragement

A builder of hope was needed.

Here is your greatest legacy: I am with you and I thank you,

I am glad to celebrate the faith I have today. 

Prayer of Thanksgiving

for Saint François de Laval

God our Father,

we thank you and praise you

for entrusting us to

François de Laval,

first Bishop

of your Church in New France.

Through the intercession of this great witness,

with his faith and charity,

guide us on the road

of New Evangelization

to spread the Good News of your Son Jesus Christ.

Give us pastors

to answer the needs of your Church.

Make us a people of the Word of God

so that we may bring

the light of the Gospel

in today’s world.