François de Laval

A bishop, a visionary, a bold man, a founder… and a Saint!

Intercessory prayers for Saint François de Laval

O Lord, our God,

You chose François de Laval

To bring the Good News of salvation to North America.

Grant us strength in faith,

Through his intercession, and, following his example,

A fervent heart in service of what is to come.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Nihil obstat : Jacques St-Michel, Québec city, March 26,1993

Imprimatur : Roger Boisvert, Québec city, March 26, 1993

Praise to You,

God our Father, for François de Laval,

First pastor of the Church in North America.

May he guide us to Your Kingdom.

As he travelled the wide-open spaces of this continent,

Bearing witness to the Good News of Your Son,

May he help us walk together

In the wake of Christ our Lord.

May this man of prayer, always mindful of Your mystery,

Teach us to heed Your Word

And remain faithful to Your Spirit.

May this Apostle of unity and peace

Inspire in us the acts of mutual forgiveness

Couched in respect for our fellow human beings.

Through his attention to each family’s happiness,

May he help us discover, by our covenant with You,

The source of our love and the heights it can attain.

Praise to You,

God our Father, for François de Laval.

Glory be to You

For ever and ever. Amen

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