François de Laval

A bishop, a visionary, a bold man, a founder… and a Saint!

His Thoughts

We must place all our trust and our strength in God…We must let ourselves be guided by Providence.

It is only fair…that we should live out our life only in pure abandon in all that concerns us inside and out.

Rest assured that being sent to work for the conversion of the world, you have the most important task in the Church, which obliges you to be worthy instruments of God.

The Spirit of God asks for a peaceful, collected heart, not a worried, drifting heart. We should have a joyful and modest face, avoid mockings and upsettings and as a general rule all that is contrary to a saint and joyful modesty. May your modesty be known to all men.

It is the role of the harvest’s  grand master to send workers in his vineyard; all our human industry and our eager care does not carry forth God’s work.

May they (the missionaries) remember that through patience the seeds of God Word bears fruit.

But in the heart of all this turmoil, we must not be demoralized; if men have the power to destroy, Our Lord’s hand is infinitely more powerful to build. We need only be faithful to Him and let Him work.

A nasty word, an impatient act or an unwelcoming face can often, in one moment, destroy all that we have built.

Let nothing in our lives or in our moral conduct contradict what we say.

For a long time now, God has given me the grace of seeing all that happens to me in this life as a result of

His Providence.

I pray to Our Lord and to His Blessed Mother that the entire land may acknowledge His grace and that the interests of God shall be their sole interest for all time.

We must be loved for our gentleness, patience and love. All that the hand of God does serves us wonderfully, though we do not immediately see the results. For many years Providence has lead this church, and therefore us, by tiresome and crucifying paths for both the spiritual and the temporal.

As long as His Holy Will be done, we do not mind.

It seems to be my entire peace, my happiness in this life to not (wish) for another paradise. The Kingdom of God is found within our soul, which is our centre and our all. His Blessed Mother, Her Holy Husband, pray to Them well.

We must not have another centre than the pleasing of Our Lord.

May they try to avoid two extremities that are to be found in those who apply themselves to the conversion of souls: to hope too much or to despair too much. Those who hope too much are often the first to fully despair once faced with the great difficulties found in the undertaking of converting the faithless, that is rather the work of God than the industry of men. May they remember that the seed of God’s Word bears fruit through patience. Those who do not have that patience are in danger, after having thrown much fire in the beginning, of losing courage in the end and of leaving the venture.

Book of passages from various letters and documents written by François de Laval.

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